Bedroom Furniture: Where to start

A house has many different rooms and areas that require proper furniture. Having said that; the most relevant and important decision to be made is what furniture you should buy for your bedroom. Knowing where to start this process and what kind of furniture to choose is not simple.

Guide 101 on bedroom furniture choices

Dimensions are a big deal when it comes to bedroom furniture. You need to be aware of how much space you have and how best you can use it. Once you have determined the space, you need to consider your options.

The most common bed sizes include:

  • Single bed dimensions are 39 in x 75 in
  • Large twin dimensions are 39 in x 80 in
  • Queen bed dimensions are 60 in x 80 in
  • King bed dimensions are 76 in x 80 in

These are not all the bed sizes in existence, but they are some of the most commonly seen at furniture stores. The important thing to remember is that these dimensions need to be considered when you make your purchase. You also need to see if the bed can fit through the bedroom door, or if it will have to be assembled inside the room.

Where should you place your bed in the room?

The most common way to answer this is that the bed should always be placed along the longest wall in the room. This is the wall in the room that has no doors or windows. The reason why this is a good spot is that it often leaves space for a nightstand on one side or both sides.

Choosing the rest of the furniture

Once you have determined this part of the process, you also need to consider many other items for your room. This is furniture that you are likely to use daily, so it is important to consider the size and the location.

The following are five essentials that most bedrooms should have. They are in no particular order, and they all serve an important purpose.

  1. Bedside tables

This is a piece of furniture that is always useful for that book you read at night or the glass of water you want handy before bedtime. It is also the most common place for people to place their alarm clocks.

  1. A chair

There should always be room for a comfortable chair in any bedroom. The best way to go is to get one that matches the rest of your furniture choices. Wood, metal, this is your decision to make, but getting a good chair is essential.

  1. A wardrobe

While many homes have rooms with walk-in closets, there are some situations when a properly sized wardrobe will be ideal for your needs. Just make sure that you position your wardrobe in a place that won’t disrupt your movement.

  1. A wall-mounted shelf

When you seek optimal space optimization, you will find that a wall-mounted shelf will get the job done. This is a perfect addition to your bedroom furniture that will not take up much space. The best thing is that it provides extra space on the wall for all kinds of items.

  1. Small desk or study table

Most people won’t want to mix work with relaxation, but the bedroom can have a small desk or study table for accessibility. It is always important to locate this type of furniture in a location that is not disruptive.

Space optimization is always important

The worst thing most people do is stuff their rooms with too much furniture. The main problem is that this could limit the available space very badly. When this happens, a bedroom can start to feel restrictive and thus it becomes an unpleasant place to spend your time.

The idea is for you to make your bedroom a spacious and relaxing location. This is why it is essential that you always optimize your space to make the room as comfortable as possible. If you feel that this will be difficult due to the small size of your room, even without furniture in it, you can always just get a comfortable bed.

Always try to use space as sensibly as you can. Don’t try to fit too much furniture in a room. This can often lead to a room that looks cluttered and lacks the style and personality you want for your bedroom. 

Choosing the best options

There are many furniture sellers out there, but the quality you get from your purchase will depend on several factors. It’s always a good idea to take your time and search for a reliable store. The number of options they offer should be vast. This is important because it will allow you to choose styles and looks that you find ideal for your room.

You can easily shop online these days and this makes the process much easier. However, you should always look for a reliable service that offers quality at affordable prices. You also need to find a store that  allows you to choose the best options, while shopping safely online.

A good way to make this decision is by checking the kind of customer service that an online store offers. This can be determined by reading customer reviews to see If there are many negative reports,  A site with too many negative results, can be a red flag.

You can always look at a few different options and make your decision based on their catalog and their shopping options. Look for discounts, but also look at their return policies and their warranties. Once you have read all of that info, you will have a better idea of what you can expect when you make your purchase.

Final thoughts

Your bedroom is the one place that should always be the nicest area of your home. It is the place where you can rest and feel relaxed. This is the main reason why you should always consider buying the best quality furniture you can afford to ensure maximum comfort.


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