How to Create the Perfect Cozy Lounge in Your Home

How to Create the Perfect Cozy Lounge in Your Home

Having a place to sit and watch TV is important to the people of South Africa; maybe because our rugby teams are so good, or maybe it’s just because we love spending time with one another. Because so many of us spend a lot of time enjoying our own and our friends’ lounges, you want to be sure that you have created a lovely space. Many of us spend time designing a space where people want to come, with plenty of room to spread out, relax, watch a game, or chat about our week. However, if you are struggling to create the perfect living room / lounge, you’re in luck! This article will give you simple steps to make your lounge unique, functional, and ever-so cozy.

Use Your Imagination … and Pinterest

First, do your research and pull some images of other rooms you like, so you can get inspired. Before you run to your local furniture and design accent store, consider the space you want to create and imagine the layout of what you want your room to look like. What colors do you like? What is the vibe you want to create within the space? Where will you put your TV? How many people do you normally have over? These questions help you to make decisions about your room that you can build from. However, when it comes to TVs, bigger is almost always better, especially if you plan to have people over to watch a live rugby game.

Buy Your Big Purchases First

Many people when redesigning or revamping their lounge / living rooms jump to new pillows before they’ve considered larger purchases. Although this seems like a good way to save money, the fact is that it leads families to have to buy new design accents later-on, because they don’t match your other decor. That’s why it’s best to buy your bigger purchases first, starting with the TV, the couch, and then a unique rug.

Invest In Quality

When you purchase couches and TVs, you want to get something that will last you a good few years. This doesn’t mean you can’t get certain things at a discount or second-hand, but the couch, in particular, should be where you spend most of your budget. A new couch will last about 15 years, so invest in something you love. L-shaped couches are great as they give you more seating as well as enough space for two people to lie-down when you’re at home alone.

Consider the Fabric

Fabrics should also be considered when redoing your space, as some of us have friends who like to drink and aren’t so careful about where they spill. Couches, leather, and other textiles that are water-proof or water-resistant helps you to avoid stains on your couches from rowdy guests. Carpets should be darker colored whenever possible, as it helps them to look new for longer. DIY designers know that carpets are something that designers can save on, and many online sites, as well as thrift stores, have amazing carpets on offer, although you may have to get them professionally cleaned before you bring them home.


Once you have your staples, it’s time to get creative. This is when the initial plan you made will come in handy. Light fixtures and dimmers are important for the vibe of the room and can help make your space warm and inviting. Paintings done by local artists, or artists you love as well as unique accent tables can turn a lounge from cold to cozy if you do it right; so take care to choose things you’re going to love in years to come.

Accents and Accessories

The small design aspects of a room are sometimes thought of as clutter but in reality, which is where most of your perspective on life and experience shines through. Do you have pictures of your wedding you would like to display? Maybe you have some memorabilia from a time in your life you’ll never forget. These little trinkets don’t just make the room ‘you’ but they invite your guests to get to know you better, and they show who you truly are. Just don’t go overboard. You want to have a few things out but keep enough space for your guests to put their drinks down on when they visit.

Creating a cozy lounge that fits your design aesthetic while still being functional for hangouts with friends and family takes time, so don’t rush it. When you finish, you’ll be happy you were thoughtful about what you filled your lounge with. The only problem you’ll have is trying to figure out how to get your guests to leave when the game ends.


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