Luggage Types, Their Pros, and Cons and Travel Essentials to Pack for Your Trip

Whether planning a trip or traveling for business purposes, correctly choosing your luggage is essential. Packing too much means carrying things you don't need, which will make it harder for you to fit everything into your bags and may cause unnecessary fatigue. That's why you should employ a smart approach and only take the things you need.

Having a convenient set of luggage is equally necessary. Luggage sets shouldn't be too heavy and should have optimum space for storing your essentials. In this article, we will present you with some tips on packing your essentials and choosing the best luggage set for you.

Six different types of luggage and their benefits and disadvantages

Here are the following kinds of luggage you will find in the market:

1. Wheeled Duffels

Duffels are intended for outings such as camping trips. This makes them a great option for recreational traveling. They are quite sturdy and have a rugged look, so they last quite long even if you are lax about keeping them in good condition. They come with heavy-duty wheels, sturdy side and front handles, straps, and sturdy zippers. Wheeled Duffels are compact, sturdy, and versatile.


  1. They are long-lasting.
  2. You can pull the bag over any kind of surface.
  3. You can attach small bags to them.


  1. Wheels add extra weight to the bag.
  2. Not suitable for trekking


2. Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled luggage is good for traditional travelers. They come with extra pockets to store your essentials, such as medication. You can use them for personal as well as business trips. They are especially great for handling luggage transport systems at airports. They come with bumpers, sturdy handles, treaded wheels, and compression straps.

They are multipurposed, come in sets and can be used for casual or formal settings.


  1. They are versatile
  2. They are easy to clean
  3. They are made from weatherproof materials


  1. They are not the right option for camping trips
  2. Wheels add extra weight

3. Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on-luggage sets are extremely convenient. They are great for airplanes. They come with heavy-duty wheels that can be dragged over any kind of surface, such as concrete and cobblestone. They also have internal storage pockets for magazines, medication, and snacks. They come equipped with compression straps to protect your belongings. They are definitely the most convenient solution for light traveling.


  1. They can be dragged on any surface
  2. They are very convenient
  3. They keep your possessions safe


  1. Not suitable for heavy traveling
  2. Wheels add extra weight


4. Wheeled Backpacks

Backpacks are specially made for road trips and recreational traveling. You can throw a backpack over your shoulder whenever you find it necessary. It will come in handy when you take an escalator or walk-in shallow water during your trips. They have straps to hold your stuff, mesh pockets for your essentials, and heavy-duty zippers. They are convenient, sturdy, and a reliable option for road trips.


  1. Best for recreational traveling
  2. Can be carried on your shoulders
  3. They have a lot of space


  1. Not suitable for formal traveling such as business trips
  2. Wheels add a bit of extra weight

5. Duffel Bags

Duffel bags do not have wheels, but they can be carried on your shoulders. A lack of heavy wheels means you won't have to worry about the bag being too heavy. They come with handles and don't have any rigid parts. You can easily carry and store them anywhere. They are a budget option and are great for campers and climbers. If you are looking for a light, convenient solution for your road trips, duffel bags are the best option. 


  1. Best option for climbing and road trips
  2. Can be carried on your shoulders
  3. They can easily be stored anywhere


  1. Not suitable for formal traveling such as business trips
  2. Cannot be rolled along the ground

6. Laptop Bags

Even if you don't own a laptop, these bags have numerous advantages. They come with dedicated features that protect your laptop from damage, such as compression straps and other protective measures. They come in various styles, such as sleeves and backpacks. Dedicated features such as flaps, zippers, and handles make these laptop bags convenient for use. If you are looking for a sturdy option to keep your devices safe, go for a laptop bag.


  1. Best option for your electronic devices such as laptops and tablets.
  2. Can be carried or rolled, depending on your style and requirements.
  3. Best option for formal settings such as business trips or meetings.


  1. Not suitable for recreational traveling such as road trips.
  2. Some laptop bags such as sleeves don’t provide much protection.

What to look for in a luggage set when traveling

We have discussed six kinds of luggage. If you are planning to travel, you should look for luggage that fits your travel purpose and context. If you are planning a business trip, go for wheeled luggage or a laptop bag. Similarly, if you want to go on a camping trip with your friends, pick a duffel bag or a wheeled backpack.

Additionally, look for the following features in your luggage.

  • Whether it fits your budget.
  • Whether it is the right size for your belongings.
  • Whether it is of good quality.

You know your luggage is right for you if it meets the above criteria.

Travel essentials to pack for your next trip

This depends on the nature of your trip. Business trips and recreational trips require different kinds of essentials. Here are the top six travel essentials to pack before leaving your home.

1. Passport

If you plan to travel to another country, packing your passport should be your number one priority. You won't get far without your passport. Ensure that you have your passport before you leave for the airport.

2. Chargers

No matter where you are going, taking your chargers is essential. You don't want to run out of battery power when you are traveling. Take a power bank as well if you are camping.

3. Extra set of clothes

If you plan to stay at your destination for some days, it's wise to have extra socks, clothes, underwear, hats, and other clothing.

4. Extra shoes

If you are camping, having an extra pair of shoes will be helpful. You might wet your shoes during camping so while your shoes are drying, you can switch to the second pair.

5. Medication

If you are taking medication, ensure that you pack it before leaving your house. It's also wise to have bandages and sticking plasters in your backpack.

6. Water bottle

Take a water bottle with you if you are planning a camping trip. Your camping destination might not have clean water, so it's wise to have your own.

Bottom line:

Picking suitable luggage and packing all the essentials you need is the key to a happy journey. That's why you should employ a smart approach and only take what you need.

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