The benefits of tents and gazebo’s

Summer is here and it’s the most phenomenal time to travel across South Africa. If you’re looking for an affordable family vacation, camping is always a great option. Whether you would prefer to camp on the banks of Cape Vidal, watch the turtles lay their eggs on the beach, or if you’d prefer a forest type get away, camping and glamping are always so much fun. Have fun putting a tent up together as a family; go exploring during the day, then braai and make memories around the fire before tucking yourselves into the tent for the night. And if you’re not that adventurous, then you can opt to set up a campsite in your garden – it’s just as much fun. These days you can get portable projectors, so you can watch movies on the side of your tent, or simply enjoy a hot chocolate before bed and braais during the golden hour. Either way it’s a vibe.

Smaller, plastic tents are multi-faceted and can also be used as a sun protector on the beach in the summertime too. Ensure that you clean and properly store your tents, to enable you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your tent and increase its lifespan.

Do you know the difference between a tent and a gazebo? The main difference between a pop up gazebo and a tent is the process involved in erecting them. However, most come with a pole frame which will need to be connected together securely before putting the canopy over it. So, perhaps you’re not looking for a tent, but a gazebo instead?

If you’re looking for a gazebo canopy tent, these also have a wide range of uses and can be used for social functions and events. Gazebos can add a comforting touch to your backyard, or to a family event. These days, the possibilities are endless, with tents and gazebos being available in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and fabrics.

Gazebos offer much needed protection from all weather conditions, whether it’s against sunshine or rain, so  you can enjoy your special occasion to its fullest. Come rain or shine, the show will always go on, with a gazebo tent around. Depending on the type of gazebo you have, they can also protect you from bugs on hot sunny days. They can also be used for a wide range of personal uses such as for relaxing in the garden, enjoying a family day at the beach and so much more.

Gazebos and tents are blank canvases and therefore offer a limitless scope for decoration, so you can really get into the theme of your private affair. Whether you want fairy lights, chandeliers or draping, most gazebo tents can accommodate your style, tastes or preferences. Please ensure that a professional instals your tent or gazebo if it is for a large crowd. This will avoid frustrations down the road and will eliminate safety concerns.  You can always find a tent that is just the right size for your special occasion and then you can customise it with décor items such as flooring, sidewalls, and lighting, to align with your occasion's desired theme.

Tents and gazebos allow you to decide how formal or informal your event will be. You cannot invite your guests to come barefoot into a hotel lobby or come formally dressed to a beachside resort. But these are the types of decisions you can make when you’re renting or owning a gazebo or a tent.


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