The Best Tips for Decorating Your Baby Room

Decorating your baby room is more than just putting in some nursery décor. Preparing the first home for your baby is something very special and is not always an easy task. This undertaking is even more challenging because the grandparents and other close relatives will have different ideas about what makes for excellent nursery décor. This article will give you some tips on what great nursery décor is and how to put it all together.

Baby room décor - interior design style thoughts

Princess castle, pirate lair, adventure land, or a cuddly animal romp? Do you have a particular style in mind? – Whatever it is, the most important thing is that your baby should feel comfortable within their first home.

The themes your child prefers will become apparent later when they get older. Therefore, it is best to create a pleasant, cozy space with a lovely atmosphere. Security and safety should be your topmost priority when you are decorating your baby's room. In that way, you promote the relationship with your baby and promote their development simultaneously.

Bright pastel colors make your baby room friendly

Bright pastel colors and white create a friendly, clear, and uncluttered atmosphere. In addition to having white as the base color, choose one or two pastel colors to decorate the room's walls, ceiling, and floor. Complement this style with matching furniture and attractive nursery décor which matches your base colors. Nursery décor made from wood is always a good idea as it gives your baby room a warm natural look. Decorate the walls with pictures, prints, or framed photos that match the overall colors of the room.

To stimulate your little, one's senses at an early age, you should place great emphasis on harmonious colors and shapes when designing the baby room. Light and pastel wall colors, such as a soft shade of gray or beige, and wallpaper with calm patterns creates a friendly and inviting environment.

Overall, you must choose pollutant-free materials that the baby can safely put in his mouth. Baby blankets made of cuddly fabrics like cashmere provide maximum coziness and wellbeing.

Harmonious accents in the baby room

A dimmable ceiling light is perfect for a baby's room. It gives enough light for diapering and provides soft brightness when the baby is in bed. A small night light is also helpful for when you change  nappies at night.

When you think of the nursery décor, choose playful motifs. For example, you could choose a light with animal motifs that casts shadows on the walls. It will not take long, and your baby will follow those shadows with their eyes.

Alternatively, you could create a canopy over your baby's eyes. Softly shining stars or a mobile over the crib are perfect nursery décor.

Pillows, blankets, and curtains with simple patterns and prints are also a great way to decorate a baby room. Bear in mind though that decorative objects should be baby-friendly without any sharp corners and edges.


Pictures or letters

You do not always have to decorate your baby room’s walls with pictures.  You could also opt for collages of your favorite family pictures or, even better, get one photo printed as wallpaper. If that sounds too overpowering, how about a portrait image of your family as a door decoration. If the baby is a bit older, you could put the letters of their name on the wall. That would make for excellent nursery décor. The older the baby gets, the more detailed the nursery décor can be. If you are a parent who likes to paint, you could use delicate colors for clouds, windmills, stars, animal pictures, balloons, and many other motifs. You have an incredible number of options here! Reach for simple designs that will attract your baby's attention and make them curious without confusing them.

If you opt for pictures, make sure that they are hung safely and out of reach of your child.

Festive nursery décor ideas

The first 12 months in the life of your baby will be over quicker than you might think, and this might be an opportunity to give the nursery a festive look. Creating a motto for this special day can be a good idea. It must not be expensive. You could choose two or three primary colors for this unique baby room decoration. How about red and black for a ‘rock 'n roll’ theme? or white with pink and pale rosé for your daughter's first anniversary? In addition, you can brighten up the walls, the dresser of a table with thematically and colorfully matching stickers, balloons, bows, or other decorative elements. Of course, a picture and the letters of your baby’s name should also be there.

One of my all-time favorite nursery décors is relatively easy to make yourself. Draw a house of your choice on a reasonably strong sheet of paper. Cut out twelve windows and a door at the bottom. Take a photo of your baby each month and put it into one window throughout those precious first twelve months. Take one more photo close to your baby's birthday and put it in the space of the door. When the birthday comes, frame your artwork, and hang it up in the baby room. Alternatively, you can have your older children help with the drawing and coloring of the house.

One last thing:

Floor covering in the baby room

The floor covering in the baby room is not really part of  nursery décor but is worth mentioning. The early months where your baby stays only in their crib is over much too soon. After that, the baby wants to explore their surroundings; therefore, choosing a suitable floor covering is crucial. Even though carpets are the best choice because they cushion and provide a soft surface for the baby to crawl on, they are also burdensome and costly to clean.

Cork, wood parquet, or laminate floor make an equally good flooring with the advantage of easy cleaning. However, whatever carpet you choose, it must be color-safe and slip-resistant. Covering it with a small rug or a runner, will give your baby room a cozier feel.


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