The Top Five Advantages of Cooking with Gas

The phrase “now we’re cooking with gas” originated in the late 1930s and remains a popular phrase today to express efficiency and power, and for good reason. Cooking with gas is the preferred heating method for almost all chefs from every corner of the world, but there are a lot more reasons one should choose gas over electric stoves. In this blog, we’ll give you the top five reasons you should opt for a gas stove; ranging from environmental concerns to cooking control and efficiency.


  1. Gas Cooking Is Quicker


If you’re cooking a delicious meal, and you don’t want to wait, gas stoves are the way to go. They heat food and boil water in less time than their electric counterparts. Gas stoves work wonderfully to heat all types of cookware, regardless of whether the cookware is flat on the bottom or not. This allows you to prepare food faster, and get to the best part of the night, enjoying your lovely meal.


  1. Better Temperature Control


When you’re cooking a meal, an important aspect of the preparation is heat control. With electric stoves, it can be difficult to get the right temperature, so you don’t burn your food but still cook it thoroughly. Gas stoves give you the option to use a variety of pots and pans, because the burners are not flush with the stovetop, as with electric stoves. Chefs can then use the flame specifically at the temperature they need for each step of their recipes.


  1. It Saves You Money


Opting for a gas stove is  more cost-efficient than an electric stove, as it takes less time to heat up and it cooks food quicker. Utility costs depend on the location of your kitchen but in general, gas stoves are anywhere from 10 to 30 percent cheaper to operate. This allows one to save one’s hard-earned money and spend it on things that really matter, like fresh delicious produce and products.


  1. Gas Is Better for The Environment


With environmental concerns becoming more prevalent every year, we all need to do whatever we can to help, whether it be big or small changes. Yes, gas stoves are connected to a natural gas pipeline, but because of how efficient they are, you won’t have to have it on for nearly as long as you would with an electric stove. When you choose to cook with gas, you’re choosing a fossil fuel that is the cleanest burning option that’s best for the environment.


  1. It’s Safer for Your Health as well


Using a gas stove is a far better choice for the health and wellbeing of you and your family, as well as any pets you may have in the home. Gas stoves give off far less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other airborne material which can be dangerous for humans and animals alike.


For all the reasons listed above, we highly suggest choosing a gas stove for your next home or apartment. Almost all professional chefs agree, cooking with gas is the way to go! So, let’s get cooking.


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