Top Five Reasons to use Artificial Grass

Whether you’re looking to revamp your garden or repurpose an outside space, the benefits of artificial grass are endless. Hardwearing, cost effective and looking fresh all year round, it’s a brilliant garden solution that can transform almost any outdoor area.


Let’s explore the top five reasons to use the best artificial grass.


  1. Drought resistant and evergreen all year round


Perhaps you live somewhere arid? Or maybe you live in an area prone to hosepipe bans? When there’s a risk of your live turf becoming parched and thirsty, artificial grass is a great solution. Perennially green and not needing a drop of water, it’s perfect for lush-looking longevity.


  1. Hardwearing and perfect for sports


Whether your kids are addicted to kicking a ball around or you want to future-proof a sports field, artificial grass is super-durable and can withstand plenty of footfall. This also makes artificial grass a cost-effective solution, ensuring you won’t have to re-turf frequently.


  1. No risk of chemical pesticides


From abrasive fertilizers to toxic pesticides, regular grass often requires chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals. Artificial grass eliminates the need for these, meaning it’s safer for kids and your pets to play on.


  1. Easy maintenance for low-mobility


With no need to water, mow or maintain, artificial grass is ideal for the elderly and people who struggle with mobility. 


  1. No pesky mud or grass stains!


If your children love to go wild in the garden, you’ll know how frustrating it is to remove mud and grass stains from their clothes. With artificial grass they can roll around outside until their heart’s content without a stain remover in sight.

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