Kitchen Storage Tips for Ultimate Organization

If you have a lot of drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, but still never feel like you have enough storage, the reason could be as simple as the way you store things. If the objects within are entirely chaotic, no amount of storage space will work.

Keeping your kitchen organized can be challenging, no matter how big it is. There's a lot to struggle with when it comes to keeping your kitchen neat, while also ensuring that everything you need is still accessible, whether it's dealing with narrow drawers, tiny cupboards, or an overall lack of storage space.

Thanks to these marvelous devices, you can be confident that everything in your kitchen is always where it should be.

  1. Organizing utensils with a cutlery tray

The last thing you want to do is go through a whole drawer filled with utensils every time you need to find one piece. Adding a cutlery tray to your drawer keeps your forks, knives, and spoons separated and eliminates the frustration of searching every time you need a utensil. An organized drawer will separate your knives and sharp objects, limiting the risk of injury.

  1. Hanging pot rack

Add a pot rack to help store all those pots and pans sitting in your oven or taking up room in your cabinets. Pot racks don't just create space but also add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Pots and pans kept in low cabinets must be reached by bending and kneeling. You can now reduce strain on your back by having your pots at arm’s reach.

  1. Install a rack to hang mugs

Mugs are kitchen items that people always seem to have too many of. Finding enough storage space for many mugs might prove challenging if your kitchen already has limited space. Look at adding a mug rack to your kitchen. There are various types to choose from; your decision should be based on the kitchen’s design and the number of mugs you own.

  1. Pull out racks

Pull-out racks and organizers are ideal for transforming your kitchen into the functional and efficient space you want. This product offers so many ways to use them. Pull-out racks are great for organizing food in a pantry, storing more pots and pans in cupboards, and organizing your mountain of food storage containers.

  1. Stackable food storage containers

Decanting grocery items into stackable food storage containers makes it easier to keep track of the groceries you have in your cupboards. You can add creative labels so that other family members and guests can find things quickly. Clear containers will also make you more aware when you start running low on something. Being able to glance at what needs replacing makes creating a shopping list so much easier.

  1. Wall mounted shopping bag dispenser

I think we are all guilty of dedicating a drawer to collecting shopping bags we plan to reuse. Some of us opt for bags in a bag that we store in cabinets that may not look pleasant. A shopping bag dispenser will conveniently store all these bags and is a neater option. Getting one that mounts on the wall is more advantageous as it frees up counter or cabinet space.

  1. Shelf risers give more storage in each shelf

When we have cabinets with extended vertical spaces between shelves, we tend to stack items on top of each other. By putting risers in cabinets, you can make use of the empty vertical space. This will keep stuff divided, so you don't have to pull everything out if you need something from the middle of a massive stack.

  1. Hang your stemware

Hanging your stemware is a classy way to store these delicate items. You can choose to hang them under a cabinet or inside storage spaces. When glasses are packed in cabinets, you need to maneuver through all your glasses to get to a specific one, running the risk of damaging them. This option will free – up cabinet space, giving you more space to store other items.

  1. Drying racks that go over your sink

If you don't have much room for a dish-drying rack but wash a lot of dishes, consider a more efficient drying rack. Over-sink dish drying racks help you expand your drying options vertically, rather than taking up much-needed counter space. If you have a large household, consider a higher rack to maximize  vertical usage.

  1. Hanging fruit basket

Fruit baskets tend to go on the counter, which is the most convenient spot. In a smaller kitchen, space on the counter is sometimes limited and does make for a cramped workspace when you are cooking. A hanging fruit basket can be placed in an area of your kitchen that has more space. You also benefit from hanging fruit as it receives more air circulation, thus aiding in the ripening process.

  1. Under shelf baskets

You may not have sufficient shelves in your cabinets and pantries and yet adding more shelves may not be an option. With an under-shelf basket, you can make the most of your cabinets and get extra storage space by using up the space between shelves. You can use these baskets to store loose items or spices, or even items stored in small containers.

  1. Water bottle holder stand

You may be someone who's constantly on the move, so your water bottle is one of your most essential items. Over time, these water bottles might accumulate, and you may run out of space to store them. The best option is to find yourself a water bottle holder stand. This will keep your bottles organized and make them incredibly easy to find.

Having an organized kitchen is every resident's dream. Getting your kitchen in order has become simpler with these various handy kitchen items. A well-organised kitchen will also promote better flow in this area, allowing free movement and more room to store everything neatly. You'll enjoy being in your kitchen a little bit more when everything is easy to find, making meal preps speedier


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